What do we deliver?

Reduce Re-admission Penalties

Reducing the number of readmissions lowers the risk of CMS reimbursement loss for Hospitals.

Improve Health Outcomes

We provide a cost-effective remote outpatient monitoring care solution that allows your nurses to keep a watchful eye on patients and pro-actively manage their health and wellbeing in their own home or at skilled nursing facilities.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Our built-in patient satisfaction survey gives clinicians the near-time feedback on patient satisfaction to enable them to improve the quality of service.

Zero touch technology

Our out-of-the-box ManageMyHealthTM Telehealth kit is simple to set-up and easy-to-use with zero touch technology. Built on the closed-loop care cycle model, ManageMyHealthTM is the perfect solution for patients and clinicians for continuous monitor and care both post-discharge and during long-term chronic condition management.

Built-in multimedia capability

Our integrated audio, messaging and video features helps clinicians to easily reinforce key health messages through the use of educational videos, phone, medication and medical measurement reminders as well as instant messaging communication with nurses to assist patients in making continuous and incremental lifestyle changes.

We provide comprehensive Telehealth solutions to reduce Hospital re-admissions and for in-home monitoring and Skilled nursing facilities

Medical Devices

A range of devices can be paired with ManageMyHealth software including BP, Glucose Meter, Pulse-Oximeter, Spirometer, ECG and more. Easy set-up and integration of new devices with secure storage of all medical data on the portal.

Secure Audio, Video & Data

ManageMyHealth uses state of the art technology, coupling electronic patient record systems with secure video and audio communication. Supported on smart phones and tablets for secure communication with patients.

Health Portal

Care providers can interact and consult through ManageMyHealthTM Health Portal, thereby allowing access and updates to the patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Compact carry case

Easy to use carry-home case that contains pre-configured devices for the patient to use out-of-the-box.

Moving data not the patient

ManageMyHealthTM connects and enables healthcare providers to empower their patients, resulting in enhanced wellness and quality of care while substantially reducing costs.