Our comprehensive solution provides many key functions that are essential in managing the patient from the point of hospital discharge till a long-term care co-ordination is in place providing a win-win solution to all the key players (namely Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Care agencies and Doctors) in the patient care co-ordination eco-system.


For hospitals who want to manage 30-day re-admission themselves, we provide an innovative remote monitoring solution

For hospitals who would like to transfer the care to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and homecare agencies, our platform is perfect for patient healthcare management outside of the hospital

For homecare agencies who want to collaborate with hospitals to enlist patients discharged from hospitals in their area, our portal is the perfect platform to acquire customers for such long-term care

For doctors who are interested in providing CMS reimbursable Telehealth consultancy

The number one cause of re-admission is the poor follow-up care post discharge. We provide a complete solution that takes away hospital staff’s burden of managing patients at home. We provide Telehealth in a box (carry-on case) for each patients that the hospital staff can hand over with instructions.

Patients can unpack and start using the devices out of the box thus initiating patient monitoring with instant key alerts to the caregiver.

Hospitals – Reduce re-admissions and avoid penalties

Our solution is perfect for those hospitals who are keen on reducing unplanned readmissions. We offer a cloud-based solution that enables hospital staff to effectively keep patients out and in the comfort of their own home supervised by the Hospital or Nursing Call Centres, or otherwise in the care of skilled nursing facilities for more severe cases.

We provide a hosted multi-tenanted shared electronic health record solution that allows hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), hospice and home monitoring agencies to collaborate in the care continuum of the patient, chiefly in the prevention of 30-day readmissions as well as long-term care. The portal also serves as the patient or provider portal for managing Meaningful Use compliance.

Our solution provides necessary tool to address the key reasons for readmissions:

  • Lack of regular communication with Patients
  • Medication adherence
  • Patient education
  • Timely patient task reminders



Skilled Nursing Facilities – Increase patient intake and prevent re-admission

Our solution is ideal for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) who are short of skilled staff to optimise the use of manpower. Using ManageMyHealthTM solution and bedside monitoring equipment, health data critical for the management of the patient can be easily monitored on dashboard along with key alarms at the nursing centre. Using built-in one-touch virtual video teleconsulting, skilled nursing facilities can dramatically reduce re-hospitalisation. Our solution enables large scale safe monitoring of patients by each nurse, resulting in better returns through reimbursements. A study published in the journal Health Services Research concluded that hospitals with strong ties to SNFs have lower re-admission rates and are likely to save money in the process.

Homecare Agencies – Provide technology to manage patients safely at home

ManageMyHealthTM takes advantage of the growing trends in using mobile devices to support older adults in their own homes. Emerging technologies will enable both older adults and their caregivers to address a comprehensive range of medical, health, social, and functional needs at home using internet and telephones. In addition, technology-based solutions that connects older adults to friends, family, and community are becoming more viable; older adults and their caregivers are growing increasingly tech savvy; technology usability is improving; and price points are descending. Using array of Internet-based technologies home care agencies are supporting patients at home cost effectively.



Chronic Heart Failure

Chronic heart failure (CHF), resulting from ventricular dysfunction is a life-threatening disease that places a large burden on the health care system. VitelMed is the perfect platform to monitor CHF patients remotely and automatically report personal health data in real-time to clinicians via the Internet and portable smart devices. This will enable CHF patients to remain in their home and reduce long periods of hospitalization.


The freedom to manage your health needs – and that of your family anytime, anywhere.


View medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers.


Medication reminders are a good way to stay on course with medication adherence.


Promoting Patient-Centered Health Care

  • Patient self-management with provider feedback
  • Health literacy
  • Medication management
  • Freedom to manage your health needs - and that of your family anytime, anywhere
  • Access to your medical records - view diagnoses, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers
  • Online tools to improve your health and track your progress online
  • Provider-patient consultations

ManageMyHealthTM can be customized to suit the services provided by health professionals.


Use tele-monitoring services to keep track of patient’s health such as the installation and use of medical devices from the comfort of their own home. Discuss the results with your patients using secure audio / video communication tools, integrate care plans and outcome measures into the portal and set and monitor health goals with your patients.


Share health data with other healthcare providers – after hours / emergency / allied health. Providers can share electronic medical record (condition, diagnoses, test results, etc.) with patient. In addition, ManageMyHealthTM facilitates safe and secure communication between providers on patient progress.


Reduces patient communication costs by providing electronic recalls, laboratory results, and secure email. Provider can access their own appointment schedule to manage their time effectively, anytime, anywhere.